Elevator Repair Services

Elevator Repair Services

When your elevator is not working, it is not just an inconvenience.  It is a major impact on the occupants of your building.  The speed of response is critical.  If the repair cost is large, you are under great pressure to just pay what is asked and get on with it.  This is the exactly the situation that leaves you most exposed to unnecessary repairs and higher than necessary costs.  At Driscoll Elevator Services, we believe in “Keeping Your Elevator Safe and Reliable at a Sensible Cost”.  In this situation SENSIBLE is the key word.

If you just received a quote you think is too high or you are just are not sure you need the full amount of work proposed, call us at (401) 400-3060 to get an immediate alternative.

We perform elevator repairs ranging in scope from small to large.  Give us an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise.  We can accurately identify what to replace and what to retain.  We can even use our national network of fabricators to create what we need – always creating value for our customers.

Elevator Service Company

We are an elevator service company dedicated to keeping your elevator safe and reliable. 

Emergency Elevator Service

Driscoll Elevator Services provides elevator repair services.  If you need emergency elevator service, please call us at (401) 400-3060 for an immediate response.