Elevator Renovation and Elevator Modernization

Elevator Renovation and Elevator Modernization

Whether you want to improve the reliability, safety, or style of your elevator, or reduce the operating costs of your system, Driscoll Elevator Services can handle every aspect of an upgrade or modernization project—to extend the life of your elevators and maximize the value it adds to your building.

An elevator renovation can add enormous value to your building, extend the system’s life and reduce future costs.  It’s an effective way to get the latest in safety, reliability and efficiency at a significantly lower cost.  In addition, a modernization project will improve perceptions of your building while offering people a faster, safer ride with a shorter line.

Our modernization team will lead you through the entire process – from upgrading and equipment surveys to proposals, layouts and project management tasks like estimates and communication.  Our staff has experience with the most complicated modernization projects.  We excel at project management and in crafting a strategy to minimize the impacts on your building’s occupants.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of what you have. While many competitors automatically recommend a total replacement solution, we have the skill and expertise it takes to improve the system you have.