Driscoll Elevator Services provides a full range of repair services, modernization, hydraulic cylinder replacement, elevator inspection, and maintenance services in Rhode Island.


When your elevator is not working, it is not just an inconvenience. It is a major impact on the occupants of your building. The speed of response is critical. If the repair cost is large, you are under great pressure to just pay what is asked and get on with it. This is the exactly the situation that leaves you most exposed to unnecessary repairs and higher than necessary costs. At Driscoll Elevator Services, we believe in “Keeping Your Elevator Safe and Reliable at a Sensible Cost”. In this situation SENSIBLE is the key word.

If you just received a quote you think is too high or you are just are not sure you need the full amount of work proposed, call us at (401) 400-3060 to get an immediate alternative.

We perform elevator repairs ranging in scope from small to large. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise. We can accurately identify what to replace and what to retain. We can even use our national network of fabricators to create what we need – always creating value for our customers.


Timely elevator inspections ensure the safety of your passengers and serve to reduce your potential liability in the event of an accident. Driscoll Elevator Services has the experience to see things others don’t see. We go beyond the required checklist. Our people have been around and have faced many challenging situations. Because of that experience, we can spot elevator maintenance needs that are easily overlooked and address them before they turn into big repairs or worse. Driscoll Elevator Services will be with you every step of the way. We offer Annual and Full Load inspections and testing.

Full Maintenance Services

Driscoll Elevator Services offers complete elevator maintenance plans customized to your maintenance needs by uniquely matching your site and equipment, whatever the brand or type.

Elevators are among the largest investments in any building. When they go out of service, they create equally large problems and impacts. That is why our proactive, preventive maintenance programs rely on monthly location visits (versus quarterly) focusing on preventing problems and minimizing downtime.

Our quality preventive maintenance service program is a preemptive measure that seeks to ensure future equipment problems don’t occur. Periodic inspection and service increases the reliability of your equipment and enables you to reduce the cost and frequency of repairs.

Full maintenance contracts include regular lubrication, inspection of rails, visual and sound inspection, ride testing with verification that all buttons and lights are working properly, inspection of ropes, car tops, the condition of the elevator pit and emergency systems. They also include all required state inspections and includes the cost and labor for installation of common parts.

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

At Driscoll Elevator Services, we also specialize in hydraulic cylinder replacements and other hydraulic system replacements.

Driscoll Elevator Services first starts by testing the hydraulic system and diagnosing it completely. If leaks are found underground or within the system itself there will most likely need to be a complete replacement. In the elevator industry, this is also known as a ‘jack replacement’. With the extensive cylinder replacement knowledge and the many replacement jobs performed by Driscoll Elevator staff, you will be in great hands. We will use our experience to quickly determine the location of the leak(s) and come up with an immediate action plan to lessen the down time of your equipment. We know how important it is to keep your elevator running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

When completing the cylinder replacements, Driscoll Elevator Services does everything strictly by the State code to ensure there are no issues and the unit is running properly and safely when the state comes out to inspect the work and perform the acceptance test on the new hydraulic equipment. Driscoll Elevator Services stands by our knowledge, experience, and work when it comes to maintaining the life of your elevator. The hydraulic cylinder replacements are just one of the hundreds of projects that Driscoll Elevator Services is capable of completing and maintaining for your company.

Give us a call today at (401) 400-3060 to get a free survey and estimate on your unit.

Lubrication and Maintenance Contracts

Elevator Lubrication and Maintenance contracts include regular lubrication, inspection of rails, visual and sound inspection, ride testing with verification that all buttons and lights are working properly, inspection of ropes, car tops, the condition of the elevator pit and emergency systems.

Full Elevator Modernization

Whether you want to improve the reliability, safety, or style of your elevator, or reduce the operating costs of your system, Driscoll Elevator Services can handle every aspect of an upgrade or modernization project—to extend the life of your elevators and maximize the value it adds to your building.

Modernizing your elevator system can add enormous value to your building, extend the system’s life and reduce future costs. It’s an effective way to get the latest in safety, reliability and efficiency at a significantly lower cost. In addition, a modernization project will improve perceptions of your building while offering people a faster, safer ride with a shorter line.

Our modernization team will lead you through the entire process – from upgrading and equipment surveys to proposals, layouts and project management tasks like estimates and communication. Our staff has experience with the most complicated modernization projects. We excel at project management and in crafting a strategy to minimize the impacts on your building’s occupants.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of what you have. While many competitors automatically recommend a total replacement solution, we have the skill and expertise it takes to improve the system you have.